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We are fast-approaching the festive time of year, where we celebrate togetherness, appreciating, treating and slightly spoiling the loved ones around us.

However, prioritising your loved ones doesn’t mean you have to neglect caring for yourself in the process!

If you have experience with scarring, you may be wondering which options are available to you to improve the appearance of your scars, for the restoration of both your skin, and your self confidence. You don’t have to wait to take the first steps – there is no better time than now to start your journey to become your most confident self, in time for the New Year.


About Scarring

It is important to mention that scarring is both natural, and incredibly common in its different forms – it’s your skin’s way of trying to repair damage caused by trauma to your body. Collagen proteins flood to the site of tissue trauma to encourage your skin’s recovery, and this influx of proteins continues as your skin recovers several months post-trauma, which is why scars form.

All bodies respond to skin trauma in different ways, at different speeds. The appearance of scarring can vary significantly, depending on the type and severity of skin trauma experienced, and resultant scarring – from pale blemishes and fine lines, to hypertrophic scars that are red, and raised above the skin.

While scarring often fades with time, with many people finding that they are able to come to terms with the changes to their body, others prefer to explore their options to further improve the appearance of their skin.


How Laser & Co. Can Help

This is where Laser & Co. come in – we offer a variety of laser skin rejuvenation treatments, depending on the type of scarring experienced. One key fractional skin resurfacing offered here at Laser & Co. is the iPixel Laser.

This innovative laser skin treatment can be used across the body to significantly reduces the appearance of scarring and pigmentation with minimal damage to the surface of the skin, through deep cell heat stimulation, and minimal downtime compared to other traditional ablative resurfacing techniques.

The iPixel Laser encourages the production of collagen in the skin, for the generation of fresh, healthy tissue, to reduce the depth and severity of scarring, with immediately visible results improved with each treatment, if additional sessions are necessary for full results satisfaction.

For more information about the iPixel Laser procedure and our other scar treatments, the other procedures we offer, the conditions we treat, or to arrange a consultation at our Laser & Co. Dorridge clinic, contact us today or make your reservation online.