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The skin is the largest organ of the body and provides us with overall protection from the environment. It’s becoming a very common concern for clients that their skin is heavily influenced by their environment such as a change in season requires a change and sometimes an increase in skincare routines to maintain a healthy skin particularly in the winter months. So its important to factor in changes in the seasons when planning skin treatments in the clinic . 

A recent study published by the British Journal of Dermatology indicates that the barrier function of the skin alter between summer and winter. The study highlighted the changes that occur un the cheeks and hands at the skins cellular level. It showed that the winter effects on the hands and cheeks showed a break down of proteins which maintained the barrier function which resulted in a change in texture and natural moisturising factor. 

In the winter rapidly changing temperatures from heated indoor to cold outdoor environments can effect the capillaries causing them to expand and contract leading to redness and telangiectasia and prolonged exposure to wet weather can strip the skins barrier . Add to the effects of central heating temperatures when coming inside from outside and its no wonder the skins becomes dry and problematic in the winter months. 

The cooler months are the time to step up hydration treatments and products such as Clear Skin Laser Treatments and AFT Skin Glow  these will up regulate the skins moisture production. Winter is a great time to reverse some of the damage caused during the summer too due to lower temperatures and less intense UV rays. Pigmentation and broken capillaries can be removed fast and effectively in as little as 1-2 treatments with Dye-VL and AFT Skin Glow treatments at Laser & Co.