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There are snowflakes everywhere. Falling down the side of webpages in online ads, hanging precariously above stacks of biscuit tins in the supermarkets, and adorning local towns as they tease us with festivities to come.

You keep your eyes averted from all things twinkling, muttering that it’s too early to be thinking about Christmas, feeling a little guilty that you’re not yet in the yuletide spirit. Take it easy on yourself – we know you’ve been thinking about your Christmas party. How could you not, with dates and venues being flown around the office, as your colleagues frantically try to organise the biggest work’s bash the company has ever seen?

The flickering lights, the food, the drinks… the outfits, the cracker jokes, and some more drinks. It’s the only night of the year you’ll have to let go and forget about work, with the people you see often but rarely get to relax with. What could be holding you back?

Unwanted Body Hair

If it’s the thought of wearing a strappy top or a short dress, then let go of the frustration. If it’s the idea of ditching your tie in favour of an open-neck shirt, to hide your inhibitions. If it’s the fear of putting make up over stubborn facial fuzz, lose the anxiety. Don’t let your lack of confidence derived from body hair woes hold you back, so put your fears firmly aside and take back control with laser hair removal.

October might be early for Christmas celebrations, but it’s the perfect time to prepare for the festive season. Starting laser hair removal treatment at Laser & Co this month gives you time to complete enough sessions to be completely and permanently hair-free before the Christmas period. Our Alma Lasers deliver fast, effective, pain-free hair removal to men and women, and is safe to use on all skin types.

Hair Removal at Laser and Co

Whether your problem areas are facial, on your arms, underarms, legs or bikini line, Laser & Co have years’ worth of experience to deliver consistently great results. The lasers deliver short pulses of light to aimed areas, targeting the Melamine pigmenthair shaft to destroy the hair follicle itself for long-term solutions.

Our lasers can even combat the finest, palest hairs to leave you effortlessly smooth before the Christmas lights have even been switched on. Get in touch today to book your first treatment, and start your own Advent to body hair freedom.