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For many, getting inked is not a decision that is made lightly. You admire artwork on others, maybe even sketch your own design, and eventually pluck up the courage to go under the needle. For others, tattoos are collectables, and “the more the merrier” really is the motto. More recently, ‘homemade’ stick-and-poke tattooing and the craze of getting a ‘Lucky Dip’ tattoo is well on the rise. According to recent studies, tattooing is not set to reach its peak until 2025, with even more of the population choosing it as their permanent form of self-expression.

With more frivolous ways of acquiring them available, it is no surprise that research shows 1 in 5 people come to regret their tattoos. Regardless of how your ink came to be – in love or intoxication – many factors can contribute to falling out of love with it and lead you to consider laser tattoo removal.

The Usual Mistakes

Most obviously, tattoo typos are one of the biggest contributing factors to tattoo regret. However, it is not the only one. Cartoon-based cliches can be just as cringe-inducing as a misspelling, or you may be regretting a rather sizeable, impulse-driven piece that has you strategically dressing to cover it up. Similarly, you may have fallen victim to a mortifying mistranslation, and find out further down the line that your once-loved Chinese symbol for “Hope” actually says “Chicken Soup”, or worse.

While these may err on the humorous side of embarrassing, having the name of an ex-best friend or former partner embellished on your body may be causing you personal issues you wish to repair, and have a lasting impact on your life. Even eyebrow and lip tattooing may have seemed like a time-saver at the time, but now a long-gone cosmetic fashion may be causing you significant distress. A failed tattoo can seem to take over your life day-to-day, leaving you embarrassed and unhappy.

Artist Errors

Sometimes the fall-out is out of your control, and you do not necessarily have your decision to blame when things go wrong. After spending time pouring over perfecting your artwork, and spending too much money to have it executed, can be incredibly disappointing if it did not turn out as hoped. Poor linework on your minimalist design, or blotchy shading on your once-intricate image are factors external to your decision to be inked, but you are permanently left with the consequences. Otherwise, fading may be making your once treasured body art look a little unsightly, or maybe the placement of the tattoo may be hindering your professional progression.

What Can You Do?

The first step to regaining the confidence you lost following your tattoo fail, is making the decision to remove it. Here at Laser & Co., we use the latest technology from Alma Lasers that emit pulses of targeted light energy to break down the ink particles, so that they are naturally expelled from the body. By choosing Laser & Co. for your laser tattoo removal , you can rest soundly in your decision that our state-of-the-art equipment can safely and efficiently remove a full spectrum of colours and sizes of designs, from a wide range of skin types. Lasting tattoo regret? No, thanks. We prefer lasting solutions and a world of body confidence.

Please contact us to arrange a consultation, where we will discreetly address your personal tattoo problems with you, and help you achieve your skin goals.