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Having been inspired by the evolution of the aesthetics industry and the changing technologies available, Bryony Dickens, Laser & Co founder, set out to create a clinic that delivers results-driven treatments in a luxurious and respectful environment.

About Our Founder

Having had over ten years of experience in the laser and aesthetic industry, Bryony has sought to enrich the experience of her clients by receiving ground-breaking training from world-leading laser specialists. She has grown her vast knowledge and experience of the aesthetic field by working and training across the country, seizing opportunities to work alongside leading manufacturers and aestheticians alike, in extremely reputable solihull clinic. This nationwide education and experience earned Bryony with a broad spectrum of expertise in the laser aesthetic industry.

Yet while she worked for reputable businesses in the aesthetics industry, her own search for aesthetic confidence made Bryony notice recurring downfalls of the clinics that were hindering client satisfaction. A growing list of sophisticated aesthetic demands from clients weren’t being met by a plethora of very niche clinics, meaning trips to multiple venues were often needed for clients to see the rewards of their treatments. The average clinic offered very few treatments compared with the huge advancements laser technology was making, and was a very public experience for clients who would prefer to have some discretion while striving for their aesthetic perfection.

Laser & Co: The Ultimate Laser Clinic

Bryony’s quest to find the elusive ideal clinic, though extensive, returned negative. So, Laser & Co was born.

Utilising Bryony’s vast expanse of talents in laser aesthetics, Laser & Co offers a wide range of treatments to address all manner of refined aesthetic requests. With a wealth of knowledge, expertise and personal experience, Bryony delivers treatments that are safe, effective and impressive. Laser & Co Solihull Clinic offers an outstanding bespoke service within a luxurious location, that has strengths in elegance, discretion, and privacy. With off-street parking and an exclusive atmosphere right from the front gates, even the most reserved client will feel in comfort, at ease knowing their privacy is being respected.

Unlike any other clinic, you deserve the most respected name in laser treatment. To receive state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments in an opulent environment, look no further than Laser & Co. For more information, please get in touch!