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With summer seemingly limping it’s way around it’s final victory lap of the year, we might find ourselves keenly following it with a round of applause, or at least with our smiling faces pointing skyward. However you’ve spent the uncharacteristically gorgeous British summer this year, you’ll have been hard-pressed to miss the heatwaves that have swept the country. While some of us worship the sunny outdoors and are dreading the cosier, cooler evenings to come, some of us are welcoming a little respite, and are looking forward to the only real heat of the day coming from a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Either way, the beginning of Autumn may have us all begrudgingly taking an honest look at the damage the Sun’s rays have wrecked on our skin in these past four months.

Sun Damage and Your Skin

In the clear light of Autumn, you might find that you’ve been blinded to the effects of the Sun’s UVA and UVB rays over the last few months. Contributing to over 80% of your skin’s signs of ageing, UV rays are responsible for more than sunburn. Hyperpigmentation, such as unsightly dark spots and increased freckling, as well as dehydration and exaggerated fine lines and wrinkles, are effects of sun damage that directly contribute to skin looking older, feeling lacklustre, and without elasticity. Even if you’ve been strictly keeping to a summer-long Factor 50 routine, some of these symptoms still may be affecting the way you feel now the summer glow is wearing thin.

Autumn Rejuvenation

Luckily, Autumn is the perfect time to rethink your skincare and rejuvenate your radiance. To recapture your skin’s clarity and firmness, the Alma ClearLift & SR combination treatment is unrivalled in the breakdown of hyperpigmentation and the stimulation of your skin’s natural collagen production. Our highly skilled and professional clinicians use light energy that shatters the particles of pigmentation, so that they can be broken down and be effortlessly cleared from the body. The laser divides light into multiple fractions that reach up to 3mm below the surface of the dermis, heating the cells and promoting your natural production of collagen. Health is never just skin deep, and so we use state-of-the-art methods to repair your skin from within, working with your body’s natural healing processes to achieve amazing results.

To give your skin a fighting chance against Winter, get in touch with us today and kick-start the healing process after a Summer of Sun.