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Thread Veins

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Thread Veins

Thread veins, also commonly known as “spider veins”, are small blood vessels that are visible beneath the surface of the skin, usually red or blue in colour. They get their nickname due to their twisted appearance, which tends to look similar to a cobweb, although the term “spider veins” usually refers to smaller instances of this common skin concern.


While thread veins can easily appear anywhere on the body, they are most commonly found in the legs or the face, and are a result of a backup of blood within the veins. This can happen when the veins are damaged and unable to work properly, or as a result of a build up of pressure. Between 30% – 60% of adults are thought to suffer with thread veins at some time in their lives, and those that do know just how difficult they can be to live with. While most thread veins cause no immediate health problems, most are rather unsightly and unwanted – and some can trigger throbbing or aching sensations. Take care of your pesky problem by scheduling a consultation at Laser & Co.


Our laser specialists are highly trained and experienced in the removal of thread veins via intricate and effective laser technology.

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